Yngve Holen
World of Hope II

13 May - 20 June 2015
Opening: Wednesday 13 May, 7pm

For the sequel exhibition World of Hope II, Holen presents four new works made from the face of CT-scanners, the machines that create tomographic images from computer-processed X-rays, allowing users to see inside biological objects without cutting. The component's gateway form is one the most recognizable in the fields of medicine and clinical imaging technology. Produced using the industrial tooling for the Siemens SOMATOM Force model, the parts have been either dressed in black fishnet stretch fabric or finished with Race Red and Black Sand Pearl car paint.

Alongside the exhibition, Holen launches the second issue of his serial publication ETOPS, an anthropology magazine focusing on specialized industries today. For this issue, the artist spoke in-depth with plastic surgeons and pornography professionals. The Race Red in the exhibition is taken from pornographic actress Kota Skye's convertible Ford Mustang. Featured on the cover of ETOPS II, 21-year-old Skye—who recently changed her name from Dakota because of its likeness to a famous sunflower seed brand—talked with Holen in California about the psychology of pushing the body to its limits to create a successful media personality. Black Sand Pearl is the color of the Toyota Corolla the artist rented from Midway Car Rental in Los Angeles, where he explored the daily lives of experts who blur the distinction between the natural and the artificial.

Tailoring: Claus Rasmussen
ETOPS II is edited by Yngve Holen and Matthew Evans and designed by Per Törnberg.

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