Science // Fiction

Science // Fiction


Reading Mark von Schlegell: Sundogz (2015)
29 May, 7 pm

Lecture Bjoern Schirmeier: Visions of space in space. A virtual archeology
5 June, 7 pm

curated by Miriam Bettin

Opening: Sat 16 May, 7-10 pm
17 May - 7 June 2015 / Wed + Sun 3-6 pm
and by appointment

Cosmology, multiverses, extraterrestrial life, cosmic horror, posthumanism, interspecies, time travel, metaphysics, extrapolation, speculation, utopias, dystopias, fiction, non-fiction, science. It is an uncanny and overwhelming feeling to think about outer space, its black holes, its abyss – a feeling in which rationality is overcome by the deeply seductive potential of the imagined. Science fiction is not only a way to create fictional narratives and aestheticised images around a field that is far beyond our comprehension but also an extended space of possibilities in science, technology, society and culture. Unlike reality science fiction doesn't have to follow parameters like time and space. The exhibition focuses on how science, fiction and their encounter might be materialised or performed within a contemporary (art) context.

The invited artists deal with concrete or abstract images of this (or another) cosmos and forms of utopia and dystopia: stereometrically in Sandra Kranich's drawings of space-related architectural forms, explosively in Sóley Ragnarsdóttir's large scale paintings on paper which present transformations between machines and organisms, quasi-spiritually and post-rationally in Flaut M. Rauch's jelly paintings and multi-layered floor installation whereas transhumanist concerns in Simon Speiser's new digital prints combine technology and nature. Science // Fiction meet one another while exploring and defining boundaries anew.

The exhibition is accompanied by two events: writer Mark von Schlegell reading from his new novel Sundogz (2015) and a lecture by science historian Bjoern Schirmeier entitled Visions of space in space. A virtual archeology.

“For me, the only true, serious science to be continued is science fiction.” Jacques Lacan

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