Ani Schulze "From Aerial Vortices"

Ani Schulze
"From Aerial Vortices"

6.12.15 - 03.01.16

Centre européen d' actions artistiques contemporaines
7 rue de l'Abreuvoir, 67000 Strasbourg

The film installation "From Aerial Vortices" opens up a space free of gravity and leads into an utopian imagination of a timeless society, which perform an endless act of destruction and reconstruction. It takes the viewer on a vertiginous journey into an ocean of moving architectural formations and colourful structures.

If they are full of red, they choose a green or blue. They are not affected by grey and do not show a reaction to ivory white. They use a thin linen cloth to keep out the wind and to give free admission to the light.

Stepping away from traditional linear narratives, Ani Schulze exposes the unstable relationship between imagination and reality and creates a fictional vortex, which is swallowing itself in endless regeneration, estranging and unsettling the present.
"From Aerial Vortices" expands her interest to unhinge expected connections between systems of image creation, communication and perception.

The film is produced by with Patrick Alan Banfield and Nicolas C. Geissler in cooperation with the Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasbourg. Ani Schulze took part at the Air Residency program at CEAAC in the beginning of 2015.