OPENING 20.09.2016, 19h - Ghislain Amar - The Iceberg of

OPENING 20.09.2016, 19h

The Iceberg of
Ghislain Amar 

baroque tried T2 to say "a wor(ld where all oppositeswould harmoniously possible "R 1
:::it seems that worl)d going crayzy but may bee it was R4 always crayzy T2 .
seems people want to all-way keal ich other AQ#3
Y7 but maybe we see only the R1 extreme XYZ.
but ABC ther IS big amount of people U* in the middel ground G.
lets hope middle ground kan keep grounding OK

OPENING 20.09.2016, 19h
21.09.2016 - 18.10.2016

Oppenheimer Landstraße 85H
60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany