The exhibition Ly at the Basis project room in Frankfurt/Main is the first of two exhibitions, the second part will take part in 2017 in the Artsenter in Kristiansand, Norway.

The three organizing and exhibiting artists Larissa Hägele, Johanna Kintner and Karen Pettersen found together based on their common interest in lightness and brightness.

Ly refers to a Scandinavian word for light. It is also the abbreviation for the unit Langley, which is used to measure energy distribution, especially solar radiation. However the title for the exhibition refers more to the sound and look of the word itself.

Johanna Kintner
Larissa Hägele
Karen Pettersen

Opening 07. Oktober 2016, 7pm
(opening times 08. + 09. Oktober 12am - 5pm)
basis Projektraum
Elbestr. 10, 60329 Frankfurt