Opening: De Ateliers "Side Show" an exhibition by Brendan Anton Jaks and Deniz Eroglu

“Side Show”
a collaborative exhibition between Brendan Anton Jaks and Deniz Eroglu

The tendency to focus on the accumulation of wealth as a marker for success and status is a concern in the practices of both Eroglu and Jaks. This relentless pursuit of wealth seems to be regarded as the apex of life in most societies in the world today; be it on an individual as well as a societal level.

The artists’ two installations both depart from autobiographical circumstances:

Brendan Anton Jaks’ free hanging light installations are made from metallic reflective light hoods used in hydroponic grow systems. These refer to growing marijuana for commercial purposes in a country where one can buy a small amount of the drug legally in a controlled setting, however the act of producing it on a commercial level is still highly illegal. Jaks' intrigue stems from a fascination with the self-sufficient lifestyles of individuals who achieve wealth and success by working oustide of legal boundaries set by society's governing bodies.

Deniz Eroglu’s long metallic river installation with a milky iridescent liquid running through it as well as piles of honey coins positioned around the space refer to a TV-programme about Turkish immigrants that the artist watched as a child in Denmark. The programme had the title “The Land of Milk and Honey” and referred to Denmark as a land of abundance and splendour that unsophisticated and coarse immigrants from Turkey were very eager to colonise in their quest for a better life. The portrayal of the immigrants made an indelible impression on the artist, being of Turkish descent himself.

Brendan Anton Jaks b. 1983 in Yuba City, California
Studied at Rietveld. Former resident at De Ateliers.
Recent shows at Stedelijk, De Appel, Gabriel Rolt Gallery, Gallery Fons Welters, Galerie Jerome Pauchant

Deniz Eroglu b. 1981 in Skive, Denmark
Studied at Funen Art Academy and Städelschule.
Currently artist-in-residence at the Rjksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten
Recent shows at MMK Frankfurt, Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Kunsthalle Krems, the Marrakech Biennial

De Ateliers, Amsterdam
Opening reception Friday the 9th of December 17-19
Open by appointment Saturday the 10th - Friday the 16th