Art Against Art Issue #3

Art Against Art is pleased to announce the Winter 2016/17 Issue #3 is available now

Art Against Art Issue #3 is looking at art in a post-market culture in the face of the seismic political and economic changes in the past year.

We have articles by:

Mitchell Algus on the culture of consensus.

Philip Sandifer on the cultural appropriation of the alt-right and what can be done.

Patricia MacCormack on the ethics of posthuman art.

Manuel Gnam on ambiguity in art after the political poles have shifted.

and there are image spreads by pioneering cybernetic artist Roy Ascott and transformative performance artist Justin Shoulder.

plus much more.

We also present a new artist edition by Matthew Langan-Peck - a set of three archival inkjet prints, overprinted with handscreened acrylic ink.

The prints comprise an edition of 40 + 10 A.P. 250€ for the set of three.

To purchase the magazine or the edition directly, please go to our webstore

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