Martin Hoener und Christine Schiewe

Herzliche Einladung zur Ausstellungseröffnung "Dresden ist nicht Frankfurt" der dynamo.eintracht - Stipendiaten

Martin Hoener und Christine Schiewe

am 05.11.2008 und beste Grüße.

Ort: Silberturm am Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, Frankfurt, 30. OG

Uhrzeit: Beginn 18:00 Uhr

Christine Schiewe und Martin Hoener zeigen die Arbeiten und Projekte, die sie während ihres Stipendiums 2007/2008 in Frankfurt bzw. Dresden realisiert haben.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen und bitten um kurze Anmeldung unter:

Mit besten Grüßen
Astrid Kießling

Astrid Kießling
Dresdner Bank AG
Group Communication
Corporate Affairs / Corporate Social Responsibility
Kunstsammlung Dresdner Bank und >>raum für kultur<<
Gallusanlage 7, EG
60301 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. +49 69 263-52396
Fax +49 69 263-54732
Mobil 0160 47 97 153

Dresdner Bank AG
Sitz der Gesellschaft/Corporate Headquarters: Frankfurt (Main), Germany
Handelsregister/Commercial register: HRB 14000, Amtsgericht Frankfurt (Main)
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats/Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Michael Diekmann
Vorstand/Board of Managing Directors: Herbert Walter (Vorsitzender/Chairman), Andreas Georgi, Franz Herrlein, Stefan Jentzsch, Wulf Meier, Andree Moschner, Klaus Rosenfeld, Friedrich Wöbking

A Lecture on Translation

I am a student from the curating course, Goldsmith College London. I
spent some time at Staedel Schule two years ago with the students and
I am coming back to Frankfurt to do a lecture tomorrow.

There are many people who I have not seen for some time who are still
at Staedel, and I would love them to come along to the talk... some of
conversations I had with them really helped shape the presentation.
it would be a great way to re-activate some of exchanges that we began
some time ago. And the evening should be very interesting I think.

kindest regards, Cally Spooner.


Sascha Hahn
Bach, Gould, Hahn

Cally Spooner
A Lecture on Translation

Wednesday, October 29 2008 - Starts at 9.00pm

Schöne Aussicht 6
60311 Frankfurt am Main
T. +49 (0)69 17 07 13 52
M. +49 (0)176 6422 6509

Bildspiel Oct/Nov

Dear, here are dates for screenings & installations with my video works,
if you are anywhere near, very welcome!


Live @ 8, Galway, Ireland, 29 oct, 20:00
Cosmic Voyage, 2008
Live @ Number 8 is a monthly event in Bar Number 8, Galway City,
Curated by Michele Horrigan

Moving, Clarion Hotel, Stockholm, 31 oct
Cosmic Voyage, 2008
Moving Clarion Art Film Festival, opening at 18:00
Cosmic Voyage is being shown as an installation next to an elevator
shaft & a panoramic window

Zuviel TV, Berlin, 6 nov, 21:30
Being Thomas Crown 9:25 min, 2008 by Ilja Karilampi
Neo-Depressionists,10:33 min, 2007 by Ayaka Okutsu & Ryan Siegan-Smith
Remembrance of Things Past 7:06 min, 2006 by Bryan Zanisnik
Fiction Follows Form, 3:10 min, 2008 by Julia Oschatz
curated by Saul Judd
zuviel.TV - Torstrasse 137 - 10119 Berlin

Ted Stevens?, Restaurangen, Stockholm, 20 nov, 22:00
A new light/video installation will be revealed at the club Ted
Stevens? in Stockholm

Best wishes, Ilja Karilampi

Pro Choice / Sat. 25th


Eine Ausstellung

Sat. October 25th, 2008
19.00 Uhr

Zedlitzgasse 3
1010 Wien

Exhibition extended: They are what they seem. // Frankfurt/M

If you happen to be in Frankfurt next week - my exhibition was extended:


APRIL GERTLER - They are what they seem
Freitag, 24.10.08
von 16 - 18 Uhr

Galerie Rautenstrauch - KUNSTSALON
Anja K. Rautenstrauch

Jahnstraße 12
60318 Frankfurt/Main

Mobile: +49 (0)178 854 9406
April Gertler

1997XF1, 00:00, Samstag, den 25. Oktober auf Sonntag, den 26 Oktober 2008

Sie sind herzlich eingeladen zur Performance:
von Barak Reiser

Um Mitternacht von
Samstag, den 25. Oktober auf Sonntag, den 26 Oktober 2008,
gemeinsam mit Jelena Cepenjor im Gastatelier in der 3. Etage.
Das Projekt findet im Rahmen von 95qm statt.

Hohenstaufenstraße 13-25
60327 Frankfurt am Main
T +49.(0)69.74303771

Process Room IMMA

Sean Lynch in the Process Room at IMMA
West Wing, First Floor Galleries
13.10.08 – 26.10.08

Sean Lynch's artworks frequently investigate the narratives of architecture and its everyday realities.  His research and installations disclose and build upon fragile stories and objects that he finds, often magnifying traces of an often-idiosyncratic existence.

In 2008, he introduced three peregrine falcons to the Moyross housing estate in Limerick.  Moyross was developed between 1973 and 1987 on the edge of the city, comprising of 1,160 houses, divided into 12 parks.  Although the population has decreased in recent years, it still stands in excess of 4,000 people, 50% of which are under the age of 24.  Employment stands at 21%.  In recent years, petrol bomb attacks and various gun-related incidents have gained much attention in the Irish media. Recently Limerick City Council announced their vision for the area, intending to demolish the entire estate and rebuild it on a smaller site.  Large green areas between individual parks will disappear, places that the city council blame for the socially-disenfranchised character of the area.

Peregrine falcons, the fastest creature in the world, were once populous around the west of Ireland, before the use of pesticides in the 1960s made them an endangered species.  In March 2008 three falcons were introduced to the Moyross area, with miniature video cameras attached to their bodies.  Their free flights over the troubled estate record a place about to disappear under the failed agendas of urban planning.

Sean Lynch was born in Kerry in 1978.  He studied history at the University of Limerick and fine art at the Stadelschule in Frankfurt.  His solo exhibition, Recent Finds, runs at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar until November 9.  A year-long commission is currently on show on the facade of the National Sculptural Factory, Cork. Lynch has also completed solo exhibitions at Heaven's Full, London (2008), Galway Arts Centre (2007), Limerick City Gallery of Art (2007), and has featured in recent group exhibitions at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork and Office Baroque, Antwerp.  Recently he was awarded the 2009 Banff Residency by the Arts Council.

Falcon training: Lloyd Buck, assisted by Lee Sparey. 
Camera: Tom Flanagan,  Jonathan Watts
Production: Carl Doran

Duration of film: 3 minutes

Artists' Residency Programme (ARP)
The Process Room
West Wing, First Floor Galleries, Irish Museum of Modern Art


For more information on any aspect of the Artists' Residency Programme please contact Janice Hough, ARP Co-ordinator, Tel + 353-1-612 9905 or  Website

Opening ENTER: Thursday October 23th at 5 - 7 p.m.

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition

showing works by

A-Kassen / Nanna Debois Buhl / Jesper Carlsen / Johanna Domke / Ingen frygt / Heine Klausen / Martha Kramær / Sonja Lillebæk / Pernille With Madsen / Lone Haugaard Madsen / Simon Dybbroe Møller / Jacob Nielsen / Allan Otte / Lea Porsager / Randi og Katrine / Tove Storch / Lars Thygesen / Mette Vangsgaard / Pernille Kapper Williams / Lars Worm

Thursday October 23th at 5 - 7 p.m.

DJ SpejderRobot will play between 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Kunsthallen Brandts
Brandts Torv 1 / 5000 Odense C
Tel.: (+45) 6520 7000 / /

Faites votre jeu! - Solidarität konkret!

Faites votre jeu! - Solidarität konkret!

Laufzeit 12.20.2008 bis 31.10.2008
Eröffnung Sonntag 12.10.2008 um 18.00 Uhr im Faites votre Jeu!, Frankfurt am Main

"Solidarität konkret!" - so lautet der Name einer Ausstellung, die am 12. Oktober um 18 Uhr im "Faites votre jeu!", im ehemaligen JUZ Bockenheim, in der Varrentrappstraße 38 eröffnet wird, zu der wir Sie herzlich einladen wollen. Die gleichnamige Kunst- und Kulturinitiative hat in Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern Werke ausgestellt, die dem Faites votre jeu! nicht nur zustimmend gegenüber stehen, sondern ihre Solidarität auch konkret zeigen wollen.
Die Unterstützung des Projektes reicht von schon etablierten Künstlern wie Max Weinberg über Studierende der HfG bis hin zu freischaffenden Künstlern wie Cornelia Dahlmann und Martin Blankenhagen. Die Ausstellungseröffnung beginnt um 18 Uhr mit einer Soundperformance von 'avant le garde'.
Anlass der Solidaritätsausstellung sind die aktuellen Räumungspläne der Stadt.
In der Zeit vom 12. Oktober bis 31. Oktober 2008 haben Interessierte so die Möglichkeit, sich die Ausstellung anzuschauen und das Gespräch mit den aktiven der Initiative zu suchen, und so auch ihre Unterstützung für das Projekt zu zeigen.

Öffnungszeiten Di. und Mi. 18.00 bis 22.00 Uhr, So. 16.00 bis 20.00 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
Veranstalter Faites votre jeu! Unabhängige Kunst- und Kulturinitiative
Künstler_innen Max Weinberg, Cornelia Dahlmann, Martin Blankenhagen, Beate Bosbach, Malena Loeck, Poncho, Jan Braunholz, Emilia Neumann, Sophia Preussner, Zagu, Lutz Jahnke, Lilly K., Norman Hildebrandt, Jos Diegel, Pacôme Barantin, V.Selma.i, FG Streetart
und andere
Varrentrappstraße 38
60486 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 0173 13 77 624
0160 956 56 439

Frankfurt Good Wood

Frankfurt Good Wood

Anne Lina Billinger . Jorma Foth . Lena Henke . Hanna Hildebrand . Simone Junker . Andrei Koschmieder . Paul Wierbinski . Naneci Yurdagul

Frankfurt Staedelschule Dancing Class present new work as a response to an invitation from students of Goldsmiths and hosted by Hold & Freight, London. This is the second part of a two-part exhibition, the first part was presented in Frankfurt earlier this year.

Private View: Friday 10th October 2008, 6 – 9 pm at Hold & Freight

Students of Goldsmiths and the Frankfurt Staedelschule Dancing Class were among the many students and institutions that participated in AGORA 2007, an international transdisciplinary workshop about performance and sculpture. AGORA is a project offering young artists an opportunity to engage in a concentrated trans-disciplinary exchange away from the day-to-day pressures of academic life. What came out of this meeting was an active intellectual exchange between the students of Goldsmiths and the Frankfurt Staedelschule Dancing Class.

In April 2008 Goldsmiths students were invited to Frankfurt in order to develop a common exhibition project in two parts. The first was an exhibition of the Goldsmiths students in Atelier Frankfurt, “April is the Creulest Month” (April – June 2008) an exhibition of work by David Brazier, Sam Curtis, Sara Fernandes, Kristen Lovelock, Eriko Nakamura, Ilona Sagar, Charlie Tweed, Rodrigo Valero Puertas.

The second part is presented in Hold & Freight, London in October 2008 where the Frankfurt Staedeschule Dancing Class, invited by the Goldsmiths students, present their work in London. This second part of the self-run, self-curated show, aims to extend networks and is the continuation of an ongoing dialogue between the two schools, providing a dynamic exploration of the complexities of exchange.

Exhibition runs from 10th October 2008 – 19th October 2008
Opening Times: Thursday – Sunday 12 – 6pm
Contact: Amal Khalaf 07964924932,

Einladung Wendi

Wendi proudly announces its 5th Exhibition

Naneci Yurdagül
o.T. (Colaturka)

7th of October till 18th of November

Unter dem Eindruck der vollständigen Entzauberung der Welt erlaubt
Naneci Yurdagül, die Freiheit der Kunst zu realisieren und das
ästhetisch-schöne Rezeptionsereignis als Kategorie des
Zeitgenössischen entstehen zu lassen. Intellektueller Eros der
verbissen missionarischen Arbeit "o.T. (Colaturka)" ist das Versagen
des Bildungsbürgertums.

Under the impression Naneci Yurdagül permits the complete
disenchantment of the world to realize the freedom of the art and to
let the aesthetic-beautiful reception event develop as category of the
contemporary one. Intellectual Eros of the bitten missionary work "
o.T. (Colaturka)" is the failure of the education middle class.

Snackautomat im Keller der Städelschule
Snackmachine in the Cellar of the Städelschule

TSCHOPERL, Sa., 11. Okt. und So., 12. Okt. 2008

We cordially invite you and your friends to our upcoming exhibition at Tschoperl:


Daniela Lehmann und Katharina Poensgen

Saturday, october 11. 2008, 7 - 11 pm
Sunday, october 12. 2008, 7 - 11 pm

Free and continous entrance on both days.

St.-George-Str. 2
D-60389 Frankfurt am Main/Bornheim
(U4-Stop Seckbacher Landstr.)

Tel. 49 (0)69 669 605 68

The exhibition space changed into a rehearsal room and will changeinto a performance space. The two Berlin based dancers and choreographers Daniela Lehmann(*1979, Dresden, Germany) and Katharina Poensgen (*1981,Frankfurt/Main, Germany) will show a work, which consists ofphotographies and Contemporary Dance and which they especially developed for this exhibition.

Kindly supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main

DOGAN DOGAN, Video Installation, 07.10.2008 um 19 Uhr

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Freunde,

hiermit lade ich Sie sehr herzlich zu meiner Video Installation AUCH bei der Galerie Perpètuel ein.

Dogan Özdogan

Eröffnung am Dienstag, den 07. Oktober 2008 um 19 Uhr


Oppenheimer Str. 39
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.    +49 69 620609
Fax.   +49 69 617585

Wortbruch - Between Poetry and Art

Bilder/Performances/Videos/Installationen zum Thema Wort und Bild.

Die Ausstellung versammelt über 20 KünstlerInnen, die Worte bzw. Sprache in ihre künstlerischen Arbeiten einfügen, verwursteln, verdrehen... kurz: verwenden. Am Eröffnungswochenende wird es zahlreiche Lesungen und Performances geben.

Vernissage: Freitag, den 10.10.2008
Die Ausstellung ist zu sehen bis zum 1.11.2008

Öffnungszeiten: Di - Fr. 15 - 19 h, Sa. 14 - 18 h

Ort: basis Atelierhaus, Gutleutstr. 8 - 12, Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel
U-Bahn Willy-Brand-Platz

Exhibition: ZigZag - Independent Drawing Gig 4, Istanbul, Turkey

Zig Zag (Independent Drawing Gig 4, Istanbul)

Friday, 10 October, 18:30

Show dates:
10.10.2008 – 31.10.2008

Hafriyat Karaköy
Necatibey Caddesi No:79 Karakoy

Alina Viola Grumiller, Inci Furni and Koray Kantarcıoglu

1. Adriana Farmiga (
2. Akiko Kotani (
3. Alina Viola Grumiller (
4. April Gertler (
5. Bjorn Hegardt (
6. Bora Baskan (
7. Ceren Oykut (
8. Cins (
9. Eda Noyan (
10. Erdem Ergaz
11. Gözde Ilkin (
12. Gözen Atila
13. Güçlü Öztekin
14. Günes Terkol (
15. Inci Furni
16. John Jurayj
17. Koray Kantarcıoglu (
18. Linas Jablonskis
19. Mehmet Ulusahin (
20. Necla Rüzgar
21. Rachel Bacon
22. Tina Schneider

“Zig Zag” is organised by, Inci Furni, Alina Viola Grumiller, and Koray Kantarcıoglu.
This show is an adaptation of and connection to the “Independent Drawing Gig4” which combines music performance and drawing under the same roof.

“Independent Drawing Gig 4” is being independently organized in New York, San Francisco, Seul, Hague, Maastricht, Skopje and Vilnius all of which are simultaneously hosting an opening this October.