Resident 27: CLAIRE HOOPER

Resident 27: CLAIRE HOOPER

Friday 29th October 7pm

Script from Sunset Beach Dana Maria / Ben

Casting Call: We are looking for participants to enact an intimate scene from classic 90's soap opera Sunset Beach
in which a woman who has lost her memory tries to find out who she really is from a man not willing to tell her.
Lights, Camera, Action and refreshments in the green room.
(see script below)

Saturday 30th October 7pm

Come Out Of Your Hole (and into mine)

Show and tell for video artists - old work, new work, work that has not seen much halogen light. Bring a DVD.
Therapy with snacks, lets talk about it.

Including screenings by me and my mates:
Nyx, Claire Hooper, 2010
Rise of Treble Ode to Bass, Joseph Walsh, 2010
On Second Thoughts, Eddie, Paul Simon Richards et al. 2008

Plus rushes of film shot the day before at Sunset Beach

Große Elbstr. 36, 3.OG, 22767 Hamburg

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Script for Sunset Beach; Dana Maria/Ben, // 3// Caribic Oct 2010

Maria – I look at you… and I get this sensation… that we have all these feelings between us…. But I don't know where to…

Ben – Ok Ok, look, don't try and force anything, this has been a shock for you…. for all of us

Maria – I ruined your wedding day didn't I?

Ben –  No, you…. You couldn't ruin anything if you tried.

This is miracle! That you're here and I'm… I'm just so very pleased to see you

Maria – Then… then something good could come of all of this?

Ben – (looking perplexed)

Maria – You don't seem so sure

Ben – things are… things are a little complicated out there, and in here too

Maria – Why Ben …who am I to you? Please, please…how do we know each other?

Ben – I don't quite know how to tell you this…

Maria – Oh No! something's happened…..

Ben – No …No

Maria – Something terrible

Ben – No

Maria – I've hurt you, someone you love

Ben – No No it's not that!

Maria – What is it then? Tell me please!

Ben – Maria ( touches her face)

Maria – Oh my God!

Ben - What is it Maria?

Maria ( holding her face) When you touched me, I….

Ben – It's alright, it's alright…

Maria – I felt something, between us, you felt it too didn't you?

Ben – Yes. Yes I did

Maria – I think… I think I know why… Its like my heart was telling me something, confirming what you already said…

When you said, that "we were very close", - what exactly did you mean?